Storefront Maintenance has serviced New York, New Jersey & Connecticut for over 30+ years and is New York City’s #1 service provider for sidewalk cleaning, sidewalk grease removal, gum removal, pressure washing, graffiti removal, awning cleaning, canopy cleaning, sign cleaning, building pressure washing, facade cleaning, storefront cleaning & more

The type of sign cleaning and channel lettering cleaning services we provide are:
  • Acrylic Sign Cleaning
  • Metal Sign Cleaning
  • Aluminum Sign Cleaning
  • Channel Lettering
  • & More
NYC Storefront Sign Cleaning and Pressure WashingNYC Storefront Sign Cleaning and Pressure Washing 2

Our pressure washing and exterior cleaning services are highly recommended but not limited to small and large businesses such as:

  • Restaurants, Bar's, Fast Food, Deli's, Bakeries
  • Salon's, Barber Shop's, Beauty Salon's
  • Gym's, Fitness Centers, Clothing/Apparel stores
  • Gas & Service Stations
  • Banks, Tax & Law Offices
  • Parking Garages & Parking Lots
  • Office Buildings, Retail Stores & Storefront's
  • Shopping Centers & More
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