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Sidewalks in New York City are constantly being used, which leaves them vulnerable to dirt, gum marks, grime, and other damages. Unfortunately, dirty sidewalks could hurt your business. If the sidewalks outside of your storefront are unsightly, potential customers may be turned away and left with a negative first impression of your business.

Luckily, Storefront Maintenance specializes in sidewalk cleaning services that will help attract customers to your business rather than turn them away. Using state-of-the-art equipment, our NYC-based commercial cleaners can effectively clean and restore the sidewalks outside of your business and help improve the overall appearance of your storefront. We’ve become one of the leading providers of commercial pressure washing in New York and have experience cleaning sidewalks outside of restaurants, retail stores, office buildings, and more. Don’t wait — let the experts at Storefront Maintenance revive the professional look of your commercial property.

Why Choose Our Experts for Sidewalk Cleaning Services?

With years of experience cleaning up sidewalks in NYC, our team provides exceptional exterior cleaning services for restaurants, bars, retail stores, and more. Our experts know how to improve the appearance of your business storefront by using state-of-the-art equipment to restore the appearance of walkways.

Do you need to remove grease, gum, or any other stains from the paths in front of your business?
Don't let a dirty storefront drive your customers away, contact us today to get your free estimate for sidewalk cleaning and all pressure washing services!

Years of experience cleaning up sidewalks in NYC.

Exceptional exterior cleaning services for restaurants, bars, retail stores, and more!

Our experts ensure the appearance of your storefront looks its best!

We use state-of-the-art equipment to restore the appearance of walkways.

Removing gum, grease, and other stains are our specialty.

The use of hot water can dramatically increase the chances of getting all of the gum

Our team will go the extra mile to ensure the utmost client satisfaction.

Contact us today to get your free estimate for sidewalk cleaning and all pressure washing services!





Our cleaning experts have more than 30 years of industry experience.


We work at a time that's convenient for you and your customers.


We provide every customer with exceptional service, every time.


Many notable NYC brands and businesses rely on us for exterior cleaning.

Don’t Let Dirty Sidewalks Get in the Way

With heavy foot traffic and regular exposure to contaminants such as dirt, bird droppings, food, and bacteria, it doesn’t take long for the sidewalks outside of your storefront to develop permanent stains and an unsightly appearance. Since customers often form a first impression based on the look of your property, dirty sidewalks can negatively affect your business’ reputation. If you don’t want to ron’t risk losing customers, contact Storefront Maintenance for sidewalk cleaning services.

Bring New Life to the Sidewalks Outside of Your Business

If you are getting grossed out by the sidewalks outside of your business, chances are that your customers and clients are, too. The good news is that even the filthiest sidewalks are no match for the commercial sidewalk cleaning services offered by Storefront Maintenance. Businesses and brands in the city rely on our state-of-the-art pressure washing equipment, cleaning solvents, and proven methods to transform the appearance of the sidewalks on their commercial property. Common sidewalk cleaning solutions we provide include:

Basic Sidewalk Cleaning - Dirt, bird droppings, food, and bacteria — there are many contaminants that can ruin the tidiness of sidewalks. For general cleaning of sidewalks, our experts will follow industry procedures to remove these substances and ensure a positive image for your business or brand.

Sidewalk Gum Removal - Removing chewing gum from sidewalks and other hard surfaces is sticky business. Over time, gum that is left on sidewalks will turn into an unpleasant-looking black smudge that soaks into the tiny pores of the concrete, making it nearly impossible to remove. Our experts can remove gum from sidewalk surfaces quickly, helping prevent bothersome stains and other damages.

Sidewalk Grease Removal - Removing grease stains from concrete surfaces requires professional equipment, products, and expertise. If you notice oil or grease stains on the sidewalks outside your business or on your commercial property, we can help you clean it up. These stubborn stains are no match for our experts — we know the best ways to break down grease and grime and remove stains from your sidewalks entirely.

Whatever messes or stains have infiltrated the sidewalks outside of your business, Storefront Maintenance has the solutions you need to ensure your sidewalk cleaning has the best results each and every time. Want to stay ahead of the game? Schedule monthly sidewalk cleanings to ensure your sidewalks never get out of control.


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