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If your business or commercial property in the NYC area has been tagged with graffiti, call Storefront Maintenance for fast and friendly graffiti removal service. We’ll be more than happy to take a look at the severity of the vandalism and provide you with an estimate for the graffiti removal. Give us a call today!

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Trust Storefront Maintenance for Graffiti Removal Services in New York City

Like all major cities, there is a lot of graffiti that can be found throughout New York City and the surrounding areas. What others consider art, business owners and property managers consider graffiti as destruction and disrespect of their property. Because graffiti vandalism mars your business’s appearance and can impact the perceptions of potential customers and the surrounding community, prompt graffiti removal is crucial.

If your commercial property has been vandalized by graffiti, Storefront Maintenance can help. With years of experience providing graffiti removal services in NYC, our experts can effectively and efficiently remove graffiti from your building exterior without damaging the surface or leaving any residue behind. We use professional power washing equipment and graffiti removal products to restore the appearance of your business — you won’t be able to tell it was vandalized to begin with! A vandalized storefront won’t help attract new customers. Don’t risk losing income — let the experts at Storefront Maintenance wipe any vandalism clean with graffiti removal services.

Why Are We the Best Choice for Graffiti Removal Services?

Our local team is the best graffiti removal company in NYC.

From restaurants, retail stores, bars, and more, our team makes sure no business if left behind.

We can remove graffiti from buildings, fencing, vehicles, or other affected surfaces.

Our professional pressure washing techniques remove graffiti without damaging your surface.

We follow a process that guarantees no damage to your business exterior.

Client satisfaction is our #1 priority! We always make sure the job is done right the first time.

Estimates for graffiti and vandalism removal are always FREE.



Our business exterior cleaning experts have 30 years of experience providing graffiti removal services.


Our team will work at a time that is convenient for you. There’s no need to worry about interrupted business.


Providing professional service is a top priority. We’ll work with you to ensure that your needs are met.


We’re trusted by business owners, property managers, and large corporations in NYC for prompt graffiti removal.

Got Unwanted Graffiti? We Have You Covered

While talented artists have made a career out of producing inspiring and thought-provoking graffiti, most tags aren’t considered art, but merely an eyesore and form of vandalism. Not to mention, it likely will create a negative impression with customers and clients and lead to a potential loss of income. A graffiti-free environment can greatly enhance both customers and employees’ feelings of security and confidence in a business.

For the best graffiti removal in NYC, trust Storefront Maintenance. Our skilled team of professionals have the necessary training and experience to not only remove graffiti from any surface on your commercial property, but more importantly, to do it safely and without damaging the underlying surface. No matter how minor or severe the vandalism is on your property, you can rest assured that we’ll be able to handle the job at hand.

Graffiti Removal Is Not Easy

As a business owner or property manager, you may be tempted to try DIY graffiti removal methods that you found online to save a buck or two. However, not only do you not have the time to do such a task, but you likely lack the experience as well as the equipment and products that are needed to effectively remove graffiti from the vandalized surface. Purchasing graffiti removal products and renting pressure washing equipment won’t be cheap either. Instead, it’s best to leave the job to the professionals at Storefront Maintenance.

If you own or manage a restaurant, retail store, office building, or other commercial property that has been vandalized, all it takes is a phone call to have Storefront Maintenance on the job and removing graffiti from any surface, including buildings, fencing, and equipment in no-time. We bring our commercial power washing equipment to you, along with all of the other necessary products needed to get the job done.


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