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Storefront Maintenance has serviced New York, New Jersey & Connecticut for over 30+ years and is New York City’s #1 service provider for parking lot cleaning and garage cleaning sidewalk cleaning, sidewalk grease removal, gum removal, pressure washing, graffiti removal, awning cleaning, canopy cleaning, sign cleaning, building pressure washing, facade cleaning, storefront cleaning & more.

Storefront Maintenance technicians are highly trained and equipped with the proper equipment and detergents to provide you with the best results each and every time. A parking lot or garage that is covered in streaks of mold, dirt, mud, or any other grime will not make a great first impression.

Our pressure washing and exterior cleaning services are highly recommended but not limited to small and large businesses such as:

  • Restaurants, Bar's, Fast Food, Deli's, Bakeries
  • Salon's, Barber Shop's, Beauty Salon's
  • Gym's, Fitness Centers, Clothing/Apparel stores
  • Gas & Service Stations
  • Banks, Tax & Law Offices
  • Parking Garages & Parking Lots
  • Office Buildings, Retail Stores & Storefront's
  • Shopping Centers & More
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