storefront maintenance

We typically ask to allow us up to 24 hours. Depending on the nature of the work needed to be performed an estimate can in some cases be provided within minutes of your initial request. When filling out the form online or speaking with a representative be sure to provide as much information as possible to help our agents provide you with quick and accurate pricing. If there is need to have one of our professionals on-site prior to providing an estimate this will need to be scheduled during the initial request.

Yes, this would need to be scheduled with an account representative to coordinate.

Estimates are valid for (14) Days and are subject to be reviewed in the event that the work to be performed has worsened and/or has altered  from the original scope of work.

No. Most of our work is performed off traditional work hours or overnight as to not interfere with pedestrians in high traffic areas and day to day business operations. In case’s if someone is required to be present during a cleaning, this should be coordinated with your account representative prior to scheduling.

We take pride in being honest and transparent with our customers and try to avoid this from happening from the very start by providing clear expectations of what to expect. As much as we try to pull out all of the stops to make our clients happy and make everything look brand new, in some cases that are just not something anyone can guarantee. Depending on location, nonexisting or improper upkeep, previous vendor attempts, the occasional “do it yourself” moments that always seem to make matters worse, these can all impact on how we are able to perform our tasks.

But…Things happen. So if you are unsatisfied with your cleaning an account representative will always follow up with you directly after or within 1 business day from the cleaning to ensure you are happy with the job. We typically do not allow more than 72 hours to pass by after cleaning or if a manager has signed off on the work that was performed.

Yes. Depending on the service plan you are on we just ask that you notify us 1 month in advance prior to cancelation. Additional Fees may apply.

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